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A Wake Up Call

When I was released from the hospital with the information that I have a short life span with limited abilities caused by an inoperable brain tumor. I was sent home to put my life plans in order. It was as if the tumor turned off my personality and my memory had vanished into thin air. One morning, I decided I needed something from the top kitchen cabinet. By using a fold-up chair, I was able to gain the height I required. On the way down, the chair immediately folded positioning me where my head would have hit the kitchen floor first. I felt someone from the heavens caught me and broke the impact, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to tell this story. My feeling is that whoever broke my fall must have notified Jesus Christ of this incident because two or three days later he appeared. I was in the kitchen and my spirit recognized Jesus was behind me. He extended his arms and his hands hovering over my head, directing a miracle to the brain. I say miracle because my thinking improved immensely. I cannot be grateful enough.

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