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A special thanks to the Mighty power of God, and for all of the spiritual and psychic guidance opportunity I have received. I especially want to thank my mother with love, Silvia E. Suncin, the late Kirk P. Ryan Sr., M.S.W., and Juliana Sanchez for their wonderful kindness and prayers for me, Charlie Simpson, the late Marvin S. Iscoff and the late Donna Carol Ph.D. who were my best friends. A big extra thanks to Deborah Goggans Ram who not only had the tenacity, but the determination and driving force to help me see this project through as well as the massive patience and editing expertise this project required to reach completion.

A warm thanks to Nancy Aldrette for her patience and the word processing and technical skills needed to bring this project to completion.With deep gratitude, affection and thanks to Frederick George Miller, attorney, who was there for me at a young age and opened a stage of opportunities, episodes, and impressions that provided the perfect interaction and atmosphere for me in my young life to better recognize and organize perfectly crystalized formed thought processes. Coupled with my heightened consciousness, awareness and reactive thought processes allowed me to manipulate and develop precise techniques and methods in order to achieve this project.

A special thanks with love to Stanley Chong Kwong, Don Lastreto, M.D, Alexandra Erlichman Ph.D., Chris S. Manitas, M.D., Hozael Mejia, David Moon, Attorney, Yuan Lin, Art Fine, Andrew L. Bull, M.D., Sarah McIntosh, Robert Hernandez, M.S.W., Richard Sweet, Chief of Staff, William Waters, M.D., Gerardus B. Staal, Mojo Tubutu, Ming Mullins, Robert F. Reyes, Aimel Nicole Anderson, Andy Turner, Terence O Mayo, Attorney, Tony K. Hertier, Steve Bach, Russ/W. J. Gilmartin, Joe & Joe Jr. Martinez, Sylvia Borruso, M.S.W, Maria E. Melendez, Silvia E. Suncin Cammareri, Fernando Jr., George, Julio Suncin, the late Fernando E., the late Maria Luisa and the late Elliot Ney Suncin, all family members and friends who offered me their love, support, encouragement and good wishes. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of those individuals who, throughout the years, shared their dreams with me and allowed me to interpret their dreams. Those dreams were very instrumental in my research and gave me the chance to compare and compile notes that lend authenticity to this book.

This Book Is dedicated to

This book is dedicated with love to my children Audrena, Andrew, Angelina, grandchildren Andrew, Sophia, Anthorny, Alexander Talyor, each member of my family, and especially to my late son, Kirk P. Ryan, who is no longer with us. This book is also dedicated to all those who seek a thuthful self analysis of their dreams.

My expression of gratitude

My expression of gratitude My loving Jesus Christ, I will always be eternally grateful for your love and generosity. My life has been overfilled with joy because of your care and guidance In my life.

When I was hit by a car at the tender age of five, and my body was bounced off of three cars, the only repercussion was a scar left on my skull when I should have been dead. At the hospital giving birth I was left unattended for many hours and dose to death, and it was Jesus who visited and stroked my right hand and instantly restored my life.

On December 14, 2009, while a tumor took over and I died, Jesus Christ gave me life, partial vision and certainty when 1 needed it the most. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to call Jesus Christ a life-long friend,

Thank you Jesus for being in my life.

Briceida Ryan

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