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My mother had come over to visit and had fallen asleep in my room. Keep in mind this was a two-story house and both myself and my mother were on the second floor. I was standing on the top of the stairs when I saw a white man with blond hair running up. I came to a quick stop and asked him, “Who are you, what are you doing here?” He had a shocked, numb look on his face, apparently surprised that I could see him. He responded, “1 am Anacleto and I’m here to see Sylvia.” I moved out of his way and motioned him to my room. When my mother woke up that day, I asked her who Anacleto was. My mother’s eyes grew wide and said, “It was my father.” In awe, her eyes filled . ----------- with tears since he died when she was a baby and no one had mentioned his name to me.

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