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Bell shaped flowers

In 2005, The Virgin Mary appeared to me. She had a happy look about her while she stood between two large trees. To be clear, these were mature trees with large bell-shaped flowers that swung back and forth and repeated the Virgin Mary’s message. That same day I asked a friend who was joining me for lunch if she’d like to go to an open house. She looked surprised, but agreed. Once I saw the house, I knew right then I’d be the owner of that property. Later on, a young tenant called me to introduce herself. She welcomed me as a new owner, and said she had a small gift, two plants for the back yard that she intended to take care. I was really happy and appreciated her kindness. My only request was that she plant them in two separate places since it would look more aesthetically pleasing. Little did I know that her plants grew to become the same in the dream premonition with The Virgin Mary and I was elated. Six years later, this story repeated itself. I had picked up two tiny trees that I wanted to plant in the yard of the home that I owned for most of my life. Of all the places around my house and to my own surprise, the gardener chose to plant them on each side of the Virgin Mary statue. Guess what? These trees will soon bloom bell-shaped flowers.

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