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When we respond to our dream language we respond to our own divinity. As I have stated before, dreams have very different capacities from which we can communicate. People who have died will visit in dreams. However, I also know that people who have passed away don't make it a habit of hanging around and coming to see you every chance they get. They will come to see you when they have an urgent need to communicate a message to you regarding a situation you should or should not pursue. They will also come to you when you have an urgent need to see them. The spirit of another individual may also enter a dream to thank the dreamer for a favor extended to someone special to them. In either case,

they won't stay long. Those who have died suddenly (i.e., by murder or suicide) will visit someone in a dream within twenty four hours. It's very immediate. They will appear only if it is necessary to communicate a specific message, then leave. People who have known for awhile that they were going to die and are prepared for it, will visit a person in their dreams after the eighth day and before the fifteenth day. These people are very happy and look comfortable in their surroundings. The dreams occur during the hypnogogic or hypnopompic stage of sleep and are referred to as channeling dreams. This has been my experience and others have communicated to me that this has been their experience as well.

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