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Chicken over rice

This early morning, I had just woke up when all of sudden, a large glowing baby with piercing blue eyes appeared. It spoke to me and said, “Please tell my mother that I need to be born immediately. And tell her for lunch she will be served chicken over rice”. I found out where the mother of the baby was admitted to and rushed to the hospital. The mother was surprised of my visit and I said, “Your baby appeared to see me and had asked me to tell you to deliver today. You can stop your agony and disconnect yourself from these tubes because you’ll have a healthy delivery. I added,” If you need any verification, the baby told me that you will be eating chicken over rice”. Two nurses walked in and the mother asked them to disconnect her from all those apparatuses. She then asked what was on the hospital’s menu. One nurse left the room and came back to respond, “Chicken over rice”, and this motivated the mother to start labor.

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