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Contrary Events

Here are two separate events that happened at the same time, but have no connection. Be careful with significant events in your life since those occurrences mayor may not coincide. I was picking up groceries and a friendly woman approached me. We had a conversation where she mentioned that she was out of work, looking for a job and she had children to feed. We parted ways after we left the check out counter and went on with our lives. When I walked out of the grocery store, across the street, I saw The Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ happily waving to me. I was left contemplating on both situations; the woman’s ordeal and this visit by The Holy Family. I chose to clutch my childrens’ hands and hurry home. When I arrived home, an ambulance and crowd was found surrounding the house across the street. The same women I spoke to in the store had hung herself. I had no idea she lived so close. That same day, a man with the name of Andy Turner approached me about buying a new property in Pacifica. During this time in my life, my family was growing and me and my husband spoke of moving to a bigger home that would be placed under my name. Andy informed me of a young pilot about 25 years old who was selling his home to move closer to his fiancée. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms and a spectacular view of the ocean, I fell in love with this property and bought it. Interestingly enough, the gentlemen I bought the property from never once doubted my ability to buy my own property. Buying a house was a part of my life plan, and the visit from Jesus and The Virgin Mary was to congratulate and encourage me for the move. It had nothing to do with the incident that occurred with the woman across the street. For your information, when The Virgin Mary appears, she is responding to a request or giving a reward. She wears garments that you are familiar with and can reflect from.

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