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Mischievous little girl

This next incident happened when I was admitted into the hospital.

I’ve been able to see spirits since I was born, but most spirits I’ve come across don’t know this.

I was in and out of consciousness at the hospital when I saw a spirit approach me and jump into my body. I had the impression he didn’t fit because of his gender and large frame, so he jumped out. Later in the same week, I noticed a little girl sitting in front of me, pondering. I don’t think she knew I could see her. The next moment I saw her jump into my body, moving my arms and legs into different and interesting poses. I passed out due to my condition, but I knew this wasn’t right, so I was ready for her next attempt. I saw her approach me again. She jumped and moved my body into positions I wouldn’t ever think to make while the doctor checked up on me. My doctor grew aware of this strange behavior and quickly left. I was embarrassed. When he had walked away, and when I felt safe enough, I yelled at the top of my lungs, “Get out!” She must have freaked out, because she left my body so fast. Luckily, I hadn’t experienced that again.

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