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My life after death experience

I had a strong desire to open an antique gift shop when I reached a certain age. That night when I went to sleep, I had a clear vision of what the store would look like on the opening night. This rehearsal vision included many of my friends celebrating this accomplishment. All of a sudden, it felt like a curtain was pulled down. I was in a different dimension. Right then, I knew I passed away. It was a dimly lit place, where I saw a strange man walking closer and closer to me pretending to be preoccupied with something else. A strong feeling of danger overcame me. I knew I was in trouble and needed to escape. A clear whisper said, “Do not run, you will not make it”, it stopped me in my tracks. Deciding to fight, I ran and jumped on the man’s shoulders, and called for Jesus. The strange man looked caught off guard, opened his toothless mouth and transformed himself into a shadow drifting away.  I had died. My soul floated horizontally and my guides were with me crying and looked upset. My guides are four blonde, blue-eyed, tall, good-looking white women. At this time, they were pacing back and forth as if they were waiting for someone. Jesus Christ hurried in as he made a concerned face. My four guides started speaking simultaneously and told Jesus that at the moment I died, I was asleep and they couldn’t stop my journey. Somehow, their dialogue was projected in the air and visible for all and anyone to read. I was drifting horizontally in the air then Jesus directed me into an upright standing position. He looked directly in my right eye, then in my left eye and quietly spoke, “You need to go back.” I wasn’t expecting to come back to life. My spirit was traveling mid-air in a pitch black arena, where I’d see large explosions and small bright lights passing me by. All of a sudden, my soul floated slowly back into my body.  Coming back was a horrendous task. I didn’t come back with the memory of what my life was about. I didn’t remember who I was, where I was or who was around me. My surroundings felt unpredictable. I was lucky to have my family’s support, and they took me to the hospital, where we all found out weeks later that I had an inoperable brain tumor. My family took the news hard, but to be truthful, it didn’t affect me emotionally. My vision and my abilities had been severely diminished, but I strongly believe that Jesus removed the emotional pain that is connected with this hardship. I was glad the doctors sent me home to tie loose ends.

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