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Mystery Call From The Junkyard

It was 2 o’clock in the morning, and my guest was leaving for their house after a two-week stay. I received a call from this guest, in a panic, stating that they veered off the freeway 500 miles from their destination because their car went dead and on top of that, they forgot to recharge their cellphone. Hours went by and although I didn’t know what to do, I had faith that there would be an answer from the heavens. After some thought, I called auto wrecking yards, because of their car expertise. Mechanics would have been an option to contact, but since it was Sunday, wrecking yards seemed like the best bet. The next option was to leave messages to numerous junkyards that a person was in desperate need and left a number where they could reach my guest. Later on that morning, my guest happily called back and couldn’t thank me enough because out of the blue, someone from the junkyard gave them specific directions to start up their car and it worked. I don’t know any junkyards that are open and receptive to phone calls on a Sunday Morning between 5 to 7am. Even today, we still are in awe and thankful of who ever responded so quickly.

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