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Rescued by an Angel

My first encounter was around 1945. My mother was having difficulties delivering while in the hospital. That particular night, while I was home, my mother appeared on the wall. I remember her telling me that she was dying and that I must come with her. I felt a pull toward the wall and started screaming. When my father ran in to console me, I explained what had just happened. His eyes widened and left me with my aunt to rush to the hospital. Mother had an experience all her own. My screams and fears must have alerted someone in the heavens that she was in danger and experiencing death, because simultaneously an angel appeared in front of her.  A tall beautiful angel quickly flew into the room and stated, “I can assist you further, if you have a pair of scissors”. My mother interpreted this as a signal to accept help from this angel and she responded, “If I had scissors, I’d give them to you”. By the time my father ran into the room my mother had already given birth without complications.

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