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St. Michael’s Visit

I was visited by St. Michael Archangel and this was my experience. I was in despair because I was presented a problem that I was working through. My prayers were directed to St. Michael to aid this process and I received an immediate response. We all have the ability to request aid and connect with the heavens, all you have to do is ask.  When St. Michael appeared to see me, my back was turned, but my spirit was aware he was there and said, “Thank you St. Michael for coming to my aid”. I turned around a saw a huge light emanating from St. Michael.  He is a tall, handsome, muscular man with long loose wavy black hair. He is known as a protector. When he appeared he was wearing a helmet, vest, outer garments and boots that looked to be made of platinum.  As I acknowledged him, a calming sensation ran through my body. Instantly I knew that whatever crisis I was dealing with would soon be over. I’m very grateful for the assistance and resolution I received. I have seen St. Michael Archangel several times. One evening a thought came across my mind that I had not seen his wings. The next time I saw him, he was in flight, and I got to see them. With the presence of St. Michael, I become thankful that he’s watching me and all of us and working toward a positive outcome. From what I sense, St. Michael along with other angels were created to defend us in crisis situations. Angels are constantly aware of what happens on earth. Miracles come to people unexpectedly. Trials and tribulations on Earth are being watched and are accounted for. Should you need to be rescued, you will be.

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