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Your Spirit / Soul

Let’s be clear, the spirit and soul are the same concept. Your spirit/soul is a part of you. It’s just like a heartbeat and it attempts to look out for you by relaying different messages or hunches that you can relate and work from. The personality is who you are, it is how you act and it learns to react to the spirit/soul. The way that a spirit/soul communicates is by that instant message your body receives: the goose bumps, the hair that rises from your skin, the butterflies that flutter in your stomach and other feelings that may not be mentioned here. Intuition is your spirit/soul talking to you. Vibes are never taught; they are understood, and your personality learns how to listen. As a person grows older, the personality and spirit can both blend with each other and keep separate identities. Even when you pass, these two elements are so important that they will be a part of you and cannot be taken away. This is a personal compass you learn to respond and use for your best interest. A dream is a tool that the spirit uses to communicate to the personality. To clarify, the personality is who you are. A dream is a clear message of important events you must not ignore. It is an immediate channel used by spirits/souls to inform you of good or bad events. Should an event be negative, you have the authority to change it. As a young child, I recognized my own ability for foretelling future events through dreams. By listening to the dreamer, I was able to interpret present and future events for them. From the reactions that I witnessed, I became aware that what I translated was accurate.

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