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Art Dreams

When we are experiencing clarity and sanity in our lives, we are better able to tap into our dream processes for ideas, creativity and thoughts. The clearer we are, the easier it is to receive these gifts. These gifts may be demanded, asked for, pled for, and, in some cases, simply given to us by our Divinity, our spirit, other spirits, etc. These gifts may be made tangible in the outer world by the activity of mental inventiveness and intelligence coupled with an acute clarity of thought. Whether in the arts, scientific endeavors or in everyday life, dreams are like gold mines, and our life allows us to maximize this resource. It is important that when you dream, you get up and jot it down before it disintegrates even if it occurs in the wee hours of the morning.

 I had an experience with a woman who had asked five of us, as artists, to create a design or logo for her new shop three days before it was due. I was unable to come up with anything and wasn't going to submit an idea. Because I was a professional dream interpreter, I was better able to use a visual image that was displayed in a dream. I arose from the bed as soon as I had that dream and I drew the image. Mine was picked out of five others who had also submitted theirs. I don't believe that mine was chosen because I was a better artist than my colleagues but because my spirit did some investigative work, sensed what this lady wanted as a design in her shop, and displayed it in my dream so I could get a better feel for what she wanted. This, to me, is a primary example of how the spirit can go out and do investigative work. The spirit can bring information to us through our dream process so we can better address and assess opportunities. We can evaluate and choose from different alternatives displayed in our dreams. Dreams are like computer terminals. We can become professionals by learning to use sequences of events and symbols as keys to unlock and transform these images into a language that allows your spirit to communicate with you directly.

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