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Opened Eyes

Opened Eyes is a collection of memories of the life of Briceida Ryan. She is confident that her life was spared to share these events with you. Her hope is that her one of kind experiences with The Holy Family, saints, angels, and spirits unborn and passed will open a comfortable dialogue for you and others to enjoy.

Briceida Ryan has been involved in dream interpretation for over fifty years beginning at the age of nineteen. According to her family members, she had demonstrated psychic abilities and experienced dream premonitions from an early age. Briceida’s ability to precisely predict future events based on the dreams of others was self-taught. She has interpreted dreams for people all over the world and from all walks of life.

Briceida Ryan is bilingual in both English and Spanish and this has enabled her to work with a broad spectrum of ethnic groups during her time as a health educator with The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology with the University of California in San Francisco. Her work extended to St. Luke’s Hospital and San Francisco General. Briceida Ryan contributed and promoted the starting phases of the midwifery program at UCSF and WIC (a subsidized food program). She presently lives in Pacifica raising her orchids.

Briceida Ryan

Opened Eyes is a book that compiles some of my true-life experiences I’m excited to share with you.

When I was a young child, spirits would visit and communicate with me like friends coming over to visit. Spirit, saints, and angels come at will and I’ve never needed to perform special tasks for this to occur.

My desire with this book is to share this experience in a comfortable reading environment that may clarify ideas about the spiritual world from my own perspective, outlook, and point of view. I’m very grateful that Jesus Christ rescued me from death from an inoperable brain tumor and gave me the needed time to get my last days in order and get my book, Opened Eyes in your hands. I hope you enjoy reading this book.

Thank you,

Briceida Ryan

 Briceida Ryan's Factual Spiritual Encounter's  

Table of Contents


A special thanks to the mighty power of God and for all the spiritual and psychic guidance opportunity I have received.

I especially want to thank my mother with love, Silvia E. Suncin, my father Fernando E. Suncin, my loving grandmother Valentina Diaz, my late husband and son Kirk P. Ryan Sr. and Kirk P. Ryan Jr., and Juliana Sanchez, for all of their wonderful kindness and prayers. I appreciated these helpful mentors in my life; Margarit and Melvin Mitchelle, Andrew Sr., Jr., Janet, Georgana and Audrey Dominguez, Attorney, Frederick George Miller, Deborah Goggan Ram, and Nancy Aldrette.

Thank you for your contribution and positive influence in my life; Stanley Chong Kwong; Don Lastreto, M.D.; Alexandra Erlichman, Ph.D.; Chris S. Manitas, M.D.; Hozael Mejia; David Moon, Attorney; Yuan Lin; Art Fine; Andrew L. Bull, M.D.; Sarah McIntosh; Robert Hernandez, M.S.W.; Richard Sweet, M.D.; Chief of Staff, OB/GYN William Walters, M.D.; Gerardus B. Staal; Mojo Tubutu; Ming Mullins; Robert F. Reyes; Aimel Nicole Andeson; Andy Turner; Terence O. Mayo, Attorney; Tony K. Hertier; Steve Bach; Russ. W. J. Gilmartin; Joe & Joe Jr. Martinez; Sylvia Borruso, M.s.W; Maria E. Melendez; Nicky, Silvia, little Silvia and Ava Cammaleri; Fernando Jr., George, Julio, Maria Luisa, and Elliot Ney Suncin. And all family members and friends who offered me their love, support, encouragement and good wishes.


This book is dedicated with love to children Audrena, Andrew and Angeina Dominguez, to my grandchildren; Andrew, Anthony and Alexander Dominguez, Sophia Barraza, Taylor Vernali and to each member of my family and especially to my late son, Kirk P. Ryan Jr., who is no longer with us. I wish abundance in wealth, prosperity and happiness in your lives. I love you all very much.

Book Contributors

Thank you Stephanie Fernandez for your effort and help each morning to bring this special project into completion. Your curiosity, enthusiasm and passion to finish this book helped immensely. I’m happy I was able to work with you and I appreciate your efforts. Thank you Renee Batti for your assistance in proof reading this work.

Editor’s note

After my time working on this project, I, Stephanie have a feeling that we are all visited and have miracles occur to us just like Briceida but we may not have the capacity to see or recognize it as such. Whether you see them or not, The Holy Family, angels, guides and spirits have and will continue to visit you too.

My time with Briceida writing this book has been a blessing. Her positivity, charisma and energy is infectious. She has the ability to light up a room and I’m sure, this was one of many characteristics that people enjoy about her. I am very happy I was chosen to be apart of this project and I enjoyed every minute of it. My life has changed since meeting such an interesting, smart and kind woman, Briceida Ryan.

Other published books:

Briceida’s first book, The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language continues to sell and receive excellent reviews.

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