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                                                                                    Briceida Ryan 

1943 – 2020

  The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language 

Briceida Ryan has been involved in dream interpretations for over twenty eight years beginning at the age of nineteen at the age of twenty four she began keeping a journal of dreams and their interpretations. She has learned from family members that demonstrated psychic abilities from the moment she could speak and has also experienced premonitional dreams from this age on. She has had the ability to precisely predict future events based on the dreams of others. Work on this book began in 1991 and, steady uninterrupted work progressed until publication. She is self taught in the method used to produce this material for precise definitions of dreams for herself and others and has interpreted dreams for people from the world over and from all walks of life. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and this has enabled her to work with a broad spectrum of ethnic groups.

She has also pursued other unrelated fields and worked extensively as a health educator in prenatal maternity and infant care for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California in San Francisco. This work extended to St. Lukes hospital and San Francisco General. She was a member of the staff at UCSF that introduced the midwifery program for mothers and babies as well as WIC (a subsidized food program)

The Author is the owner of a successful espresso/cappuccino cafe in the heart of San Francisco. She presently resides in Pacifica and raised, as a single parent, four children and is a grandmother of six. In addition, she has done freelancing art design in San Francisco Pacifica, Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. She is a serious orchid enthusiast and is a member of the American Orchid Society, 

My​ Beginnings

I was born in Panama. My Panamanian mother’s name was Siliva Elena Suncin. My Salvadorian father, Fernando Enrique Suncin, was the one who rais​ed me since my biological father passed away before I was born. I am the oldest often children. My parents decided to move to the United States early in their marriage. My aunt already lived in San Francisco and secured a place in North Beach on Filbert and Columbus for our family.

My Purpose

When I was very young, I was visited by Jesus Christ and it was understood that I’d write a dictionary for dreams. When Jesus appeared in my living room decades later inquiring the whereabouts of the promised book, The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language, it was the motivation to bring this project t​o completion. Your dreams bring concrete information that you can reflect from to form greater decisions. The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language is an instrument that can help you define those images and meanings of all your dreams for the best outcome in life. Throughout this five-year process, I was visited from 800 souls who created imaginary dream segments. The meanings I received became definitions for any reader who wants to understand their dreams.

One evening, I was greeted with a surprise reception by those 800 souls celebrating the completion of the book. These souls were the key to unlock the mystery of dreams. Without their contribution of creating thousands of dreams, this work would have never been completed. They were instrumental to this work and enabled me to connect the dreams and the interpretations to help you, the reader, understand your present and future events. Dreams are maps to incoming treasures and they help you figure out your needs and wants. Dreams also display future positive and negative events you can reflect on to make smart decisions.

I believe I was placed here on Earth with a reason. I have never met anyone who has the same heightened senses and awareness that I have. I am able to see spirits as if they were a living person in front of me. I do feel as If this life was a test and I am very grateful for all the goodwill that has been sent my way. 

Briceida Ryan's Demise

Briceida Ryan, died with her family by her side on Thursday, December 17, 2020, in San Francisco, California

Briceida Ryan was born on September 24, 1943, she was born in Panama to mother Silvia Elena Suncin and her father, Fernando Enrique Suncin. She is the oldest of ten children. Her parents decided to move to the United States early in their marriage. Her aunt already lived in​ San Francisco and secured a place in North Beach on Filbert and Columbus for the family. Later Briceida got married to Andrew Domingues and had 3 children Audrena, Andrew, and Angelina. She then got remarried to Kirk Paul Ryan and had a son Kirk Ryan Jr who is now deceased. Briceida Ryan lived out her life as a single mother and produced things people only dreamed of.

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