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Benefit of Dream Interpretation

The understanding of dreams will allow us many benefits and advantages. These are as follow:

1) Dreams allow us to verify and safeguard our future through interpretation.

2) Understanding our dreams allows us to facilitate facing up to our own anxieties and confronting them easily and confidently.

3) They allow us the opportunity to express our needs to other people's spirit in a safe place.

4) Dreams alert us of those things we need to be watchful of and of the actions and reactions towards us from others in real life. The results of this are fewer conflicts and greater benefits in our life for all parties involved.

5) The spirits of other people have entry into our dream state. They come in to present plans in order to gauge your reaction to situations then leave with a confirmed knowledge of what your true reactions will be in the outer world. Each one of us has knowledge of the entry mechanism into each other's dream processing state and spirits may use it freely and at will. Because we know this, our active participation is important in dreams.

6) Through studying dreams, our spirit allows us to practice consolidating and organizing plans, projects and undertakings. We will then see what the result will be in the outer world and to determine how to put our

plans into practice in the best possible way.

7) When we lack the courage to make someone aware of romantic feelings, we are able, through dreams, to get a clue of the reaction of the other person.

8) Dreams will show us what is occurring in the world at large but may also be used as clues to authenticate a message in a dream when concurrent events take place. For example, if you dream of finding a particular item and also dream of a plane crash, the day you see the crash in the media is the day you will acquire this item.

9) We will always get an accurate response to any question we ask in our dreams. 

10) While the dreamer is ill, our spirit produces joyful and happy images to show compassion to the personality and in cases of serious illness, the spirit will seek assistance from either a living or deceased spirit connected with a medical specialty the dreamer needs to achieve complete recovery.

11) Dreams allow us to experiment sexually and to benefit from all aspects of this expression and experience.

Unlike the usual progression we see in a typical dream (such as previously described), the God, channeling, premonition, out of body, and some sex dreams differ. These usually occur during the hypnogogic or hypnopompic sleep states (the stages of sleep between sleep and wakefulness). In some God or sexual dreams a 3-D effect may occur.

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