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Crystal Clear Dreams

When I was very young, I was visited by Jesus Christ and it was understood that I’d write a dictionary for dreams. When Jesus appeared in my living room decades later inquiring the whereabouts of the promised book, The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language, it was the motivation to bring this project to completion. Your dreams bring concrete information that you can reflect from to form greater decisions. The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language is an instrument that can help you define those images and meanings of all your dreams for the best outcome in life. Throughout this five-year process, I was visited from 800 souls who created imaginary dream segments. The meanings I received became definitions for any reader who wants to understand their dreams. One evening, I was greeted with a surprise reception by those 800 souls celebrating the completion of the book. These souls were the key to unlock the mystery of dreams. Without their contribution of creating thousands of dreams, this work would have never been completed. They were instrumental to this work and enabled me to connect the dreams and the interpretations to help you, the reader, understand your present and future events. Dreams are maps to incoming treasures and they help you figure out your needs and wants. Dreams also display future positive and negative events you can reflect on to make smart decisions.

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