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Deities, Gods, Goddesses & Extraordinary Figures

The appearance of a deity within a dream leaves us with the feeling of being surrounded by a close light, originating either from the side or directly in front of the face. There is the sense of a voice coming from this light. Visual effects may simultaneously appear in order to arouse the dreamer's curiosity and distract the dreamer from seeing the source of the light or the body the source arises from. This visual effect is typically an extravaganza of sight and sound, magical and rich enough to hold the dreamer's attention. For example, a waterfall may appear and the dreamer may have no knowledge of its origin. As the dream progresses, it becomes larger and larger, little by little, during the conversation. The colors of plants and birds will be intense and rich. The dreamer, therefore, never sees the source of the voice


You may feel during the dreams, about any deity, that you are in a light sleep. It almost feels as though your eyes blink to keep out the light. The voice emanating from the light seems to be male, although there is no real recollection. There is also a sense of having a real conversation. Upon awakening, the gist of the conversation will be recalled in the dreamer's own voice. A higher power/deity may appear to us at any time. Following the dream, there is a feeling of having a knowledge not present before. There appears, also, to be a time span following these dreams when  the dreamer senses that it's all right to share the dream with another person. The dreamer may sense permission to speak about it immediately but at other times will feel that they should wait before telling anyone.

Each time I have interpreted a dream about a deity, the same experiences were recalled. The dreamer sensed a lightness born of the union of the personality and the spirit. This leads to greater clarity in the outer world. These people seem to be able to make decisions in life based on a sense of balance and order from certain experiences and expressions they have gained from the dream experiences. If you are touched by a divine spirit, the sensation of having been touched remains on your skin long after waking up, perhaps even months afterward.

A divinity may also appear during a time of illness. When this occurs, there is often a remarkable, miraculous recovery. Once you are cured, this illness will never come back and you will be even healthier than before.

When you have dreams about a deity, you will usually have a sense of detailed information about a situation that you previously did not have and you will feel a sense of excitement and wonder for a long period of time. Most of the time you will have no recollection of how you received this information, although you will recall having had this dream. Sometimes you will retain a very detailed memory of the dream.

When I say extraordinary figures, I mean the divine, Jesus Christ, Jupiter, Venus, a high priestess, Buddha, goddesses, etc. When you dream of such figures, you will obtain information that you did not have before and you will become knowledgeable about something of which you had no prior knowledge. You will be able to recall all the occurrences in detail and everything you said word-for-word in most cases. You may also be left with a feeling that allows you to intuit about the consequences of your present situation and how to respond even if you do not recall the exact words of the conversation. When a special deity appears in one of my dreams, I acknowledge this by thanking them. I am thankful that I have spent time in their company. After the dream, there is, in reality, a sense of excitement in life that remains a long time afterward.

Because these figures walked the earth years ago, they understand the emotional trials of each day and empathize with the human plight. They come into a dream to show compassion. When they appear, they are often recognized by their attire. Sometimes, however, they do not appear in the way we typically imagine them (i.e., robes, wings, etc.) We have seen many depictions of the appearance of these figures and the miracles affiliated with the attire at the time the miracles were performed. This may be a large clue when it appears in a dream. We need to pay close attention to the clothing and look for the miracle performed at the time. This is particularly true of the Virgin Mary. She appeared in many different styles of attire in different parts of the world at different times. The miracle associated with a particular style of dress may indicate to you the miracle that could be associated with you as a gift. Consider it a clue only if the miracle could be associated with events occurring at this particular time in your life.

Jesus Christ, saints, Buddha, goddesses, gods, and other extraordinary figures appear as they are, levitate above ground and will converse with you. The conversation will be vividly recalled. Jesus will appear when a particular knowledge needs to be imparted, not necessarily when a crisis in life is occurring. The saints, various angels, goddesses, gods and other divinities appear when the dreamer is in a very stressful situation or is suffering deep emotions because of someone else's illness or irresponsibility. They will appear to warn the dreamer of a situation that will leave them unfairly punished. This may be a scam, fraud or a trap created by a relentless enemy who will do harm to you. Or they may warn you that something will happen that will deeply affect your life. They will appear also to warn of a misdiagnosed illness so the dreamer may find a proper cure. When you see a saint, this is a sign that it is not your time to die. They want to stress that you experience life as it should be and; therefore, will warn of an impending but preventable accident that will leave you incapacitated. They will step in to ask specific questions and you will be willing to give answers. Any question you ask of them will also result in a quick and true answer. Angels may appear during a severe illness or when you are about to be placed in a situation you have no business being in or when you are being steered off track. 

They appear especially when you will be placed in a life threatening situation. This will give you the foreknowledge to take steps to avoid this event. I have found this to be true in my case and in discussions with others who have also experienced this.

Dreams about gods and goddesses involve a transformation of some kind. You will usually focus on an object that attracts attention (i.e., a butterfly with brilliant colors). The object will then transform into the god/goddess itself. It is imperative that you pay close attention to all events, objects and clues presented in these dreams. Many of the clues will be revealed through symbols and letterings in the background scenery.

A good example of such a dream was one in which a man was staring at a calm and serene ocean. The ocean transformed itself into a Goddess clothed in blue green opalescent attire that reflected everything in the scene. The man's focus, through the reflection, was guided to an entrance on which a word was imprinted. He looked up the word to find the meaning of this dream. Be aware that many clues will be represented in these dreams, especially symbols, words and letters.

Upon awakening, you will be filled with the knowledge and skills that will assist you in bringing your plans, creative ideas and projects to perfection. You will also be equipped with the confidence, determination, courage and staying power needed to accomplish these tasks. You will develop perfectionism and will emanate charisma.

Dreams associated with ancient gods and goddesses are often associated with luck. You can be certain that after their appearance, something extraordinary and lucky will occur within a short time. Luck is a gift coming through psychic energy whether through dreams or intuition. The energy of luck will manifest itself through hunches that may result in fortuity one way or another in the outer world.

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