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Guidelines on Using This Book to Review and Interpret Dreams

You have taken the first step by arming yourself with a good dream interpretation book and now need a dream journal to record your dreams. When you awaken remain perfectly still and recall as much as you can, then organize the images in your mind from beginning to end. The more you practice, the better you will be at retaining and retrieving information.

While you are trying to retrieve as much information as you can, the dream will move very slowly and starts to disappear but should linger long enough in the memory for you to jot it down. After you have recalled your dream, you must organize it so that you can record and analyze it in its entirety.

It is important that when you are in the process of reviewing your dreams, you take care not to underestimate the definition or to limit the possibilities of translation. Always look at a grander and broader view than the translation reads and different ways to apply the definitions from different perspectives. Do not automatically assume that a suggested urge be adhered to. It is important that you assess to ensure that you want to express this experience during this time in your life, especially with dream fantasies that involve romance. It is also important that everyone, male or female, who is going through the change of life immediately write down each dream upon awakening. This is particularly important if you are suffering from hot flashes because you will retain an acute memory of the dream during the flash but it will disappear in its entirety once it has passed.

You may also find that on occasion, two words that seem to be the same or are the same but spelled differently will have different definitions. One example of taking a broad view is the interpretation which reads that a con-artist, devious person, a conspiracy etc., will soon enter your life. Do not limit the possibility of who this person is. It may be someone new who will enter your life or could be someone you are familiar with who will take on these characteristics. The person involved may not know that this is where they are headed or that they will implicate you in a conspiracy. Your spirit is alerting you that a scheme will take place and that this person is, or at this time may not be aware of it. Even if they are, do not expect that they will hint at a conspiracy. You may not be directly harmed by this individual but by those who are involved with them or are involved with situations that they are involved in. 

Our spirit will introduce a word to us through a visual object or name (i.e., banana, witch, Frank Sinatra, etc.) that serves to attract our attention. The definition given to the word in no way implies that that object is negative or positive in reality, but is merely leading us to a message our spirit wants us to attend to. Consider also that when a suggested product or procedure is viewed in a dream process and is introduced to you as a choice to consider in reality, you must always seek a second opinion and/or review your options to ensure whether or not you feel these are the best choices for you. Sometimes a message will seem too far fetched to be realistic. It will seem this way because you have yet to experience it and cannot conceive of its actuality.  

You must make sure that you do not dismiss it. You must become more tenacious in translating the message. It is important that you assess/view it from different perspectives. For example, the definition may read that you will relocate. This may not be something that you have even considered. Examples of a possibility that may occur following this kind of dream message definitions is that someone may, in reality, come to you with a brochure depicting an area they plan to move to and you will begin to review this as a possibility for yourself. You can now make plans, become organized and disciplined for a future move; may also become very excited about the move and later dismiss the idea, or you will become engaged in daydreaming about the move and in your mind you actually did move. You must carefully assess your options in order to make the proper choice.

A definition of a dream may read that someone desires you and you will, within three days, surrender to them. In reality someone may have pursued you for some time but you have not become involved yet. At this point you must make assessments to avoid a weak moment to keep yourself from surrendering in reality. Your spirit will try to alert you to a time period when you could be more vulnerable so that you can become firmer and refuse to accept unwanted involvement.

Some dreams will leave you with a great sense of exuberance similar to what occurs in the aftermath of some sexual dreams. You may become careless and vulnerable because you will spend time mentally rehearsing the dream fantasy and have a freak accident. In other words, you do not focus on what you should be doing.

It is important to take each translation seriously and carefully look at all the implications it may have for you. Take a broad view and look at each interpretation from different perspectives. Ensure that you want to express the experiences and impressions during the particular time frame indicated. Everyone has the potential to have dreams of great magnitude. For example, let's assume that you dream of driving a red Ferrari with the numbers seven and nine displayed on the license plate down Palmetto Street. You enter an apartment building where you unlock the door with a keyring containing many keys. You then speak with three men who tell you that they are triplets. After this you open another door and see three identical women who inform you that they are also triplets.

You would then write down the dream and look up the important words as illustrated above for the proper meaning of this dream. By looking up definitions on a daily basis you will see that it's less costly than a trip to a psychic reader in fact, it's almost free, just the cost of this dream interpretational book, a small effort on your part and some time will make a big difference in your life.

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