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Intuition during waking hours is equivalent to dream processing during sleeping hours and much needs to be said about this process. Everyone has an intuitive sense, much like we all have a beating heart, however, we are not always aware of it. We can become more aware of our intuitive sense through practice and knowledge in the same way that people can alter blood pressure through biofeedback. Most people ask the question "How do we know when intuition is occurring?" The main aspect of intuition is that it comes as a flash without being willed. We also have no attachment connected with the feeling we are experiencing. This is far different from inviting thoughts in because of anxiety over current events, or certain matters that we mull over in the attempt to understand them. What occurs when we have an intuitive thought is that, oftentimes, in the midst of a thought process, you will have a flash of clarity or knowledge that is wholly unrelated to the original thought. We have absolutely no control over these intrusive intuitive moments nor do we will the feelings they generate. This flash is an attempt to deliver a message, either positive or negative, that you need to act on. In short, the way we know that it is intuition is that we have no control over it and no association with the thought that comes over us.

When you use your intuition, it is by virtue of a process that you are completely unaware of. It begins by you, or rather your spirit, receiving something of a message from another spirit. This message is called a psychic message because it is received by your psyche. Your psyche is the part of your mind that receives messages while your personality is the part of your mind that decides how to act. Within the psyche there is an intuitive or receptive element. This intuitive or receptive part deciphers the message into a thought in your own voice so that you may act accordingly. Say, for example, that you are about to cross the street. You look both ways, there's no oncoming traffic. But before you take a step off the curb you hesitate because of some little voice you hear or feeling you get that makes you pause for a moment. And in just that moment a car comes speeding from around the corner. Now you didn't see it, or hear it, but you had a feeling from somewhere inside you that encouraged you to wait. This is the end result of your intuitive process. You were unaware of the communication between yourself and your spirit but there was a message communicated to you that was translated into a language which you could understand and act from. The intuition is only active when there is a psychic message in our environment that needs to be interpreted for our personality. 

Our spirits are not always aware of the next situation that may occur in our lives to the extent that we would always know when to keep from stepping off of the curb. This is the reason the personality and spirit are caught off guard in some instances. For example, clairvoyants and psychic readers are sometimes accused of not knowing things they should be aware of. The reason for this is that this information was not given to them to respond to When there is no psychic message received, we will still be able to act, but only after and not before the actual event because the primary job of the intuition is to be under the spirit's command during our waking hours and to guide us to a more positive lifestyle and to the path of our correct destiny. Some people tend to have a stronger sense of intuition while some people seem to have very little or none. This occurs simply because those people with a higher sense are more willing to be receptive. If desired, others may learn to increase their potential. Some people develop intuition in all levels of consciousness (sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell), while the sense is developed in others in only some. Our spirit will also ask us to question irrational impulses and behaviors. There are times when we feel compelled to do something out of the norm (use a drug, go to an unfamiliar place, compulsive gambling, etc.). These are times when we may demonstrate obsessive behavior, breeding jealousy and envy and feel almost possessed to do something. The spirit asks us to question these behaviors. This is apparent because they typically result in negative outcomes and interfere with our clarity. Once rid of this behavior, we achieve greater clarity and become more receptive.

At times our spirit will direct us to a dream definition that indicates that this is the time to demand what we need from our higher power. Often times we will feel as though our needs are being taken care of when this is not the case and we need to emphatically state our needs again to ensure that they are not overlooked by someone that God has directed to handle these needs. I've noticed from personal experience that intuition picks up accurately translated information perhaps 70-80% of the time. The remaining times, the information is either ignored or lost in translation. Therefore, it is important that we become more attuned to our senses. A clairvoyant, medium or psychic reader will respond to a psychic message that is being released by the spirit of the individual receiving the reading. Messages coming to the psychic reader may also be brought by her spirit, another person's spirit or God. These spirit messengers alert her psyche and enable her to complete the reading. The psyche has to be turned on by a divine power or directly by the spirit or other spirits, living or dead who will help the personality to complete the reading in full. When the spirit puts out a psychic message that we fail to interpret that portends a negative event, we may feel jumpy in the abdominal region. To sum up, the spirit communicates with us during the day through the psychic intuitive element. During sleep, the spirit uses the psyche through dream imaging displays to communicate. When another spirit has a gift of ideas, etc., for us, that spirit will use the psyche to turn on the intuitive sense. The intuition then goes through some translation process of thought that the personality understands and then we will turn the gift of thought into something tangible in our world. If our spirit becomes uncomfortable or alarmed while in the presence of a certain person or activity, it can also be felt turning, tugging or curdling inside the stomach. Should the spirit be aware that something very good will happen, you will feel a giggle deep inside the stomach area (where an individual carries his/her spirit) before it occurs.

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