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Love as it Relates to Dreams 

Love is a gift that needs to be acknowledged and respected. It needs to be viewed and received as a blessing. Love is an emotional gift that one receives from a Divinity. Many people have expressed to me that they don't know what love is, have never experienced love, and don't know if they will ever be in love, although they long for this feeling. Some people may go through their whole lifetime without ever experiencing this emotion. If we are lucky enough to have been chosen to feel the spirit of love, we should be thankful. Once the spirit of love between a couple is abused due to mutual disrespect and petty emotional game playing, it never fully returns. Although couples or loved ones may make up for a wrong, it will never be the same. We simply keep the traces of what we were feeling. 

Although we attempt to recreate the feeling of love, we can only mimic past feelings because we miss them and wish we still had them. We need to learn to give and receive love, and to communicate love in a more equal and balanced way. We must do everything necessary to ensure longevity of love rather than deplete love. This will ensure that two people can become one, still have separate lives yet survive as one. We need to nourish that feeling and work at it constantly and consistently. Some people are blessed and receive the gift of love more than once. Others, however, will go through life without ever receiving this blessed gift. Whenever love comes, we need to work as a team to keep it alive. When a connection between two people takes place, there is a strong possibility that both parties will experience a deep love for one another. As remarkable as it may seem, you can experience the deep intensity of love in dreams even if you have never experienced this feeling for someone in reality.

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