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Low-Awareness Dreams

These dreams occur to an individual who is presently performing evil deeds in the outerworld. The individuals often display immorality, depravity and wickedness and cause misery, disarray, addictions and suffering to themselves and others. They tend to be evil because they choose this over righteousness. These people often have dreams of weeping sounds, souls that are crying, or whipping sounds that come from behind them and voices that emerge distorted, as though they originated from the underworld. Descriptions and explanations of these dreams are gruesome. I know this is factual and consistent because I received a message from behind me, in a dream. I was given the message to warn a friend of the necessity to alter a destructive lifestyle.

 Once the individual has been warned and doesn't heed that warning, it seems as though they experience years of negativity, anguish and, in some cases, death is the outcome. To experience a dream of this type is a definite warning. There is a need to restore order instead of continuing the abusive behavior that they are putting themselves through or are experiencing with people around them. This person needs to make a change - a real turnaround. There is a need to make changes within the personality and lifestyle. When we are experiencing clarity and sanity in our lifestyle, the cleaner and richer the resources we can tap into in our dream state. In the case of an attempted demonic entry, there is an automatic awakening switch that quickly brings the dreamer out of the dream state because the dream itself is so uncomfortable. This serves to safeguard privacy so the dream process are not used for evil purposes.

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