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Out of Body Experience Dreams

At some point or another you will begin having out of body experiences in dreams. At this point we feel the speed of the spirit traveling in time and from place to place very rapidly. It's a magical experience and difficult to express in words. The body feels very rigid and stationary. Although the spirit doesn't leave the body unattended for very long, it does travel rapidly and accomplishes a great deal in a short period of time. At this time, two special things are occurring. The personality, mind and the spirit are one. Although the body is unable to move and is in a fixed position, the personality has a clear knowledge and memory that the spirit is out of body. Not only have I experienced this myself, but I have had detailed conversations with others who have encountered this phenomena. There is also the recognition that the spirit is still connected to the body by the illuminated umbilical cord.

Although in some cases we have no factual depiction of each event that has occurred, we do awaken with an instilled sense of confidence and the knowledge necessary for enriching our lives and achieving our goals.

At times, we are invited to participate in the excursion. The body remains behind yet you may feel all of the sensations of travel. Sometimes the events seen are accurately occurring in the here and now and at other times they are a very accurate depiction of the future. When it comes to assuage loss or longing for another, the spirit will visit another individual geographically. The strength of love between the couple assures that the process of out of body travel becomes simpler and quicker. This has been my personal experience as well as the experience of others who have discussed this phenomenon with me.

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