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Past Lives, Reincarnation and Dreams Within a Dream

If you have experienced past lives through reincarnation, you will have dreams that show you your previous lives. Each person in the dream will be familiar to you and you will often recognize yourself as one of the players in the dream. People who experience this phenomenon describe it as passing through a solid illuminated area. You will also be shown something that interfered with your growth during a past life, whether this was an untimely death, poor choices, overlooked opportunities, etc., so that these events will not be repeated in this life. You may be shown a lavish lifestyle that you once enjoyed and will be able to regain in this lifespan. The time and place of the past life will be verified in some way whether through depicted world events, styles of dress, etc. You will be left with a sense of excitement and a heightened intensity for the need to bring about positive, dynamic changes in your life. 

The events depicted in the dream will seem as fresh to you as if they occurred that day and you will be able to accurately recollect the dream years later. For example, you may recognize the faces and voices from a previous life as yours and will gain a sense of being connected to each of your previous selves. You will also see a thin line connecting yourselves through the umbilical areas. A dream within a dream is important because the spirit is attempting to force you to pay attention to a dream message you previously ignored. Because the spirit seldom revisits the past by directing you to a dream within a dream. This will force you to realize that this is the second time a message was presented. For example, you will have a conversation with someone in the dream in which you state that you had this dream before, or you will recall while dreaming that you have had this dream before but this time the dream will be a lucid dream.

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