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Premonitional Dreams

A premonitional dream occurs instantly and informs the dreamer of future events. The following is an example of a premonitional dream that I had when my daughter was very young:I fell asleep one afternoon with my daughter, who was two years old at the time. It was the middle of the day and we decided to take a nap. I thought that we both fell asleep. I began to dream that my little girl was going to step off the curb and go across the street just as a huge truck was coming around the corner. At that time, I jumped up from bed and looked out the window. The only thing that came out of my mouth was her name -- I screamed with all my might to stop her. She was just stepping off the curb when she stopped and turned around to look at me. At that moment a huge truck came around the corner. Had I not caught her in time she would have been hit. The spirit brought the psychic message in a dream to allow me to prevent that from happening. This is an example of one of many different ways that a dream can be used by the spirit to alert the personality.

A premonitional dream from a loved one who has passed away will give you a message. It is to the point, there are no abstract clues, and there is a sense of immediacy. The following example demonstrates this perfectly: A father, who had passed away, appeared in his wife's dream and left a message regarding their son saying, "I have gone to the Social Security office and left papers on top of another stack of papers. I don't know why it is taking so long for my son to receive his money." When the mother awoke, she discovered that she did not know that her son was eligible to receive money. She then inquired whether the young boy was eligible for money from social security -- sure enough, he was. The sense of immediacy was apparent in that the father needed to get this message to the mother. If she had not received this message then her son would not have been eligible to claim that money.

In regards to dream content or message, it makes no difference what you've eaten, what time you've gone to sleep or how well you've slept. These factors do not influence the message in the dream. The spirit is only concerned that you look at the message and take care of it immediately. Therefore, your spirit will deliver a message if you nap only a few minutes or if you sleep for a few hours. Another issue is the belief that we dream about what we are familiar with. This is not necessarily true. It is not necessarily true that we dream about what we are familiar with. Clues are very important in order to be specific and to be able to identify more precisely what you need to do.

As the previous example demonstrated, the most extraordinary and special type of premonitional dreams are those in which individuals appear after having been deceased for many years. They may appear as mediators between two people when there is a great need or a desire of one person to communicate with the other to resolve a certain situation. Often an extreme urgency expressed in this type of dream. The message often comes for someone unable or unwilling to communicate (i.e., severe illness, clinical depression, mental disability) and the mediator will reveal how their needs can be met. This individual may not be equipped to express their wants and needs to another person, especially involving matters of the heart. I strongly believe that when you have the honor of being visited by a deceased person, there are certain rules and regulations that must be abided by.

They are restricted in the amount of time they can spend with you and as a result they must limit their conversation. Oftentimes, the messages given will consist of short significant clues to steer you in the direction you must go while remaining within the time period allotted to them. These clues will be very inventive and will sometimes be presented in riddles as well as visual charades if they are unable to get the message across in any other way. If they are contacted by you, they may or may not have a little more leeway in complying with your requests.

Still, premonitional dreams may contain helpful messages from live spirits. In other words, people you may or may not know might appear in your premonitional dreams. An example of the usefulness of premonitional dream is one experienced recently. I had a friend many years ago in the 1970's. His name was Justin. I also had another friend named Francesca. Neither one knew each other, but I met both of them at approximately the same time. We were very good friends but as the years went by we drifted apart. Years later I dreamed that I was swimming in the ocean and there was a man swimming in the ocean along with me. Suddenly he was struck on the head by a passing boat. I rushed to help him but he was unconscious. I knew that I couldn't help him myself, I needed additional help. I kept saying to myself, "Oh God, please help me, someone needs to help me." At once there was a woman swimming beside me. It was Francesca. I was surprised when I saw her in the dream -- and that it was she who came to help me pull this body out of the ocean.

In the next dream frame, I was in front of a hospital. A very good looking man came out. It was Justin. He was dressed up in a beautiful, dark blue suit and had a fresh haircut. I said, "Oh, wow, am I glad to see you!" He answered, "So am I, in fact I'm glad to even be alive. I was struck on the head while on a water-skiing trip and lost my practice because I was in a coma for three months. I have nothing left; I lost my business and my practice, but I'm glad to be alive. If it hadn't been for my parents who stuck by me, I don't know where I would be now." As he said that, I woke up.

That morning, I thought I should call his parents. I hadn't spoken with them for awhile but I called anyway. When the mother answered the phone, I told her that I had had this dream about her son. She said, "Well, wait a minute, why don't I call him up (he was living in Los Angeles and I was in San Francisco) and have him return your call. He called back, was really happy to hear from me and wanted to know what all this was about. You know how friends are,

even though you haven't seen each other for awhile, you continue being friends and you pick up where you left off. I told him my dream and to my surprise he said, "Well, I guess that cancels out the water-skiing trip we had planned for the coming weekend. I just got a haircut and I have on a dark blue suit which I purchased for a reception I'm going to right now. I'm very happy that you called and told me about this because that's the last thing I would want to have happen -- to lose my practice and to have to suffer through this accident." He was very grateful about the phone call. This is a perfect example of an individual's (Justin's) spirit being so desperate that an attempt was made and was successful enough for me to dream and recall the dream completely in order to warn him. I feel that Justin's spirit, through the dream process, may have tried several times to get the message across to Justin's personality but was unable to. I'm convinced that if Justin had been practicing dream processing, he would have been able to assess this information, on his own, from his spirit.

One important clue was that Francesca's role, as a friend, was to encourage a call to Justin in reality because she had offered me assistance in the dream. This prompted me to offer my assistance in reality to Justin. Francesca also appeared because she knew that I would be happy to see her again. Her spirit was eager to make contact with me and assure me that Justin and I would feel the same in reality after talking to each other. That was another way of exploring different capacities that the spirits use. That's the one way the psyche cleverly plays a big role along with the spirit. The teaming up of these two forces utilizes the ability of the imagination to see. We follow the movements of each image and each detail with our eyes. This component of the imagination displays images that enable us to record what we see and recall in our dreams.

Unlike the straightforward premo-nitional dream previously discussed, there are those that may also contain clues. Premonitional dreams may be partially straight forward and contain subtle clues as well. It is imperative to pay attention to these clues because they often point out a particular time, date 

and activity. They are also important for other reasons. For example, people who have passed away and come to you in a premonitional dream with clues usually come when there is an urgent message for you or a close member of their family. The message brought will have a direct impact on your life and the messenger's goal is that you try to turn a negative experience into a more positive experience or to capitalize on an opportunity otherwise missed. Clues in premonitional dreams specify details, such as the date, time, whether or not you are on the right track, or are going in the right direction. The clues left behind are pointers to guide you to the right decision. Sometimes you'll have to choose from many different options. For example, you may have ten choices presented to you and all ten have been lined up in front of you for a decision. The clues that have been left in your dreams will enable you to pick one of the ten different opportunities for the exact, specific one you are supposed to choose. No matter how direct the message, you need to choose which option, decide what day, whether the opportunity is to be seized, or if it is too premature, etc. To give you an example, I had been looking for a medical

facility for several months for a project I needed to complete. I had been interviewing several facilities unsuccessfully. I woke up one morning and knew, because of a premonitional dream, that the correct decision would be made that day. The important clue in this dream was an unknown person asking, "Did you see the black gypsy lady?" That day I had an interview with three different women who were representing their facility. The exciting part was that one of the women to be interviewed by me was a black woman with her hair fixed in a gypsy style. She made a reference to me that she was a Creole woman. There was an immediate flashback to the premonitional dream and, at that point, I remembered the dream clue that asked, "Did you see the black gypsy lady?" So, I assumed that out of the three facilities, the one I should pick was the one represented by the Creole woman who wore a gypsy hairstyle. I have to admit that all of them were professionals, it was a very close margin, but I'm very happy I made the choice that I did because it was later proven that this was the perfect choice to make. Clues are an important aspect of dreams because they give the dreamer the tools to specifically identify what they need to do.

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