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Recurring Dreams, Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis

Recurring dreams are those that can go for years but as the event that the dream is representing gets closer in time the dream frame appears larger and closer to you. This allows the personality to know the event is forthcoming. For example, a recurring dream about a particular house may reveal a small house from a distance to a young child, yet each occurring dream thereafter will reveal a larger home at a closer distance. Finally, as an event is about to occur in reference to this house (perhaps a move or a visit), the frame looms large. These dreams are always pointing to a major event in our lives that may represent a drastic change. You have prior notice of this and can alter the outcome if it is a negative event. Although many of these dreams appear bad, they may be presented in a graphic way in order to be remembered and to stress importance. Do not confuse nightmares with low awareness dreams. Nightmares are simply a bad piece of theatre developed by the spirit to dramatize an impression by presenting a shocking scenario in an attempt to get a message across to the personality. There is a sense of urgency in the spirit's need to communicate and to ensure that you do not forget this message once you are awake. Most of the time this is a good message that you will be presented with opportunities and benefits you should not miss.

 This dream may also represent something that you or someone you recognize in the dream has no business getting involved with in reality. You have prior notice of this, can diffuse this situation and take steps to allow only positive expressions in your life. Make sure that you alert anyone you recognize to do the same. Nightmares imply that it is urgent for you to attend to some issue. We should be honored and thankful that we have prior notice and can attend to either a positive or a negative message. At some point in each person's life an experience will occur that is very frightening to the person going through this episode. This could be sleep paralysis and takes place during the dream stage, at the point of trying to awaken and most commonly during nightmares. This feeling is one of total physical paralysis when the dreamer feels they are desperately struggling to move. This experience is a warning to you that this will indeed occur in reality, though not in a real physical sense unless you are aware of your circumstances now. Be acutely aware of what is unfolding that will have a serious effect on your future. 

This will take place because of any one or a combination of the following situations:

Interference from someone else who will steer you in the wrong direction.

The control that someone assumes over you (i.e., parents, a loved one, etc.).

The leverage that someone will gain by using your words to put you at a disadvantage.

Someone who is in a position of authority who will make decisions for you (i.e., your boss, law enforcement officers, etc.).

You will not know the extent of damage that this person can cause because of their control. This dream is asking you to muster the courage and confidence needed to make sure that you take the right steps to prevent a situation from developing that could seriously affect your future. Do not leave yourself vulnerable to this because you will be left with no recourse except to abide by the rules that others place on you. This will leave you with the unbearable feeling of emotional depletion and the feeling that you are caught up in a seemingly inescapable web. This dream is a sneak preview of how you will feel if you do not take steps to turn this around and to ensure that you experience only positive expressions in your life.

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