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Sexual Dreams 

Sexual dreams are those that contain sexual expressions when one is in the dream state. At this time the personality gets to analyze its love potential and experience the spirit. This releases all negativity and all tension in consciousness, allowing us to experience the ecstasy one only feels when we are participating in sexual activity. Sexual dreams are also reciprocal. Although the other individual's personality is unaware of its participation in a sexual dream, he or she may be more open to you in real life without knowing why. After all, we are the judicator in this part of our life, if we decide that this is something that we want to explore in our outer world. The spirit part of us connects with the other person and we can actually see the connection in the dream state in the form of an aura that leads to that person. Psychics and clairvoyants can easily see this connected at any time. This resembles, at first, a very long umbilical cord. In actuality, it is more of a beam of light than tangible matter. The connection is that of strong light and this wonderful light goes to that other being. 

Sometimes we will find that, because of this high level of ecstasy and the intensity you can actually feel the other person in a concrete three-dimensional way. It is like the person is really there next to you. The light resembles a long, hollow umbilical cord with a light running through it. It is the same light as an electrical discharge or a strong fluorescent light -- a white color. Once people connect to one another, the excitement creates a mixture of different colors and sparks of light going through it, resembling a diamond with little sparkles. This light umbilical cord connects to the other body through the navel area when we are in love. When two people in love are exercising sexual intercourse, it seems as though the light going through the umbilical cord sparkles with tiny different colored lights. People will also experience different situations that occur while in love and I believe that the force of this connection plays a role in this. Ifind that people in a relationship in which one of them no longer wants to be involved will pull and try to split apart. The person wanting to remain in the relationship will then feel tugging and pulling -- the splitting apart of the relationship -- from the stomach area. Once the split has occurred you will no longer dream of being connected through the lighted umbilical cord.

There will be a disconnection of the umbilical cord from the abdominal region and this will result in that butterflies in the stomach feeling one has when they are no longer wanted in the relationship. At this time the person will feel a disconnection -- it happens quickly -- and both individuals will still have the memories of that connection. It will feel as though one has experienced mourning, they are feeling sad or have a sense of loss as if they have lost someone to death. These people will then have the need to go through a grieving period until they are able to take charge of their feelings and go on with their lives. They do need that period of adjustment. Both parties will feel it but the person desiring to remain in the relationship will sense it more than the person who has tugged away and split apart the relationship. Other people have also experienced the form of this light in a non-sexual way. To most of us this connection is invisible, but it can be sensed in times of distress.

At times people seem to know when something is really wrong with a close loved-one, (lovers, husbands, wives, children, etc.) and will feel jumpy or feel butterflies in the stomach and have the sense that something is wrong and not know why. It will later be revealed in a dream as well as in reality that a loved one suffered a stressful situation. It is also possible that when someone is truly infatuated, this connection will be attempted through the spirit even if the other is unaware of the infatuation. When the connection is being attempted they will either show interest or be repelled. This differentiates love from being in love. People are very lucky when they have this exquisite force of light invading the body. We call this force love and it enables us to experience being in love. The reason we are all here on this earth is to learn to give and receive love, unconditionally. Through this light umbilical cord we do receive the gift of love. This may occur in dreams as well as reality. It is a gift from a Divinity that we receive unexpectedly throughout life just as we receive the gift of genius of thought, talents, and creativity.

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