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Spiritual Guides

After keeping a dream journal for a while, you will notice that from time to time familiar people will appear in dreams who are totally unknown to you in real life. You may see the same person from dream to dream and soon learn to recognize them, although you never see them in the "real world". Guides in the real world enter your dreams in order to discuss or relay a message. Verification of this was provided to me in May of 1995 upon completion of this book. I dreamed that I had attended a reception in which over seven hundred people were present. I was given a special gift that allowed me to see in all directions, through people and objects, and with special clarity. It became apparent to me that we were together for the purpose of celebrating the completion of a major achievement. Each person in my dream was recognizable to me as someone who had entered my dream state in the past and had created a dream scenario that helped me to ascribe definitions to the words used in this dictionary. Because some of them consistently appeared to me in a dream state, I became aware that they were my spiritual guides, not only during a dream but also in my outer world. They recruited some guides to create dream scenarios and other guides volunteered to do the same. This allowed me to place definitions to the words needed in this dictionary in order to complete this project. The most lasting impression of this dream was that I was able to thank each individual guide. We were all clothed in the same manner indicating that we were each committed to bringing this book to a unified completion.  The dream concluded with each of us meditating in an open space. I still retain a vivid and accurate memory of this dream as well as a strong sense of thankfulness to all who helped in bringing this about. 

I was also told about a dream in which a woman stated that someone in her dream informed her that she was her spiritual guide. She said that she was relaxing by a pool and noticed a woman walking in a way that implied she wanted to go unnoticed. The woman in the dream also made it clear that she did not wish the dreamer to speak to her. She crept close to the dreamer and whispered in her ear that there was a conspiracy against her that would ruin her both emotionally and financially. She then placed her finger in the pool. Drops of blood came out of her finger turning the pool reddish pink. Reflected in this water were the faces of the people who were going to commit this crime against her and the manner in which it would be committed. After this dream, the dreamer was able to prevent this event from occurring. The dreamer also recalled that this woman had appeared in other dreams. This verifies that guides are far more aware of what is going on in our everyday lives because they have been appointed to help oversee our affairs. They use dreams as vehicles to communicate messages to us. Their function seems to bring information about things you desire to know in everyday life. This can be anything from giving you an address of an old friend, a bargain for an object you desire, or good news such as the birth of a child. They want to make everyday life more enjoyable.

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