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St. Veronica’s Appearance

The following paragraphs are proof for me that the heavens are always watching us and that our words are being accounted for. At the time I was writing, The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language, I explained to a family member I didn’t have any drive to leave the house and I couldn’t understand this feeling. That night after I went to bed, an illuminating glowing light filled the room, revealing a mysterious woman, I didn’t know. She came close to examine my face and asked me if there was anything wrong with me. And I responded, from my understanding there wasn’t. She left indicating that she would return. A few nights later she appeared glowing and said, “In life, you will not be uncomfortable and there isn’t anything wrong with you.” As she walked away, she held up a veil with the face of Jesus Christ. Instantly, I knew it was St. Veronica. I was honored that St. Veronica visited. Her appearance was a blessing that inspired my own curiosity as to why I didn’t leave the house. St. Veronica I can truthfully answer yes, there was something wrong with me then. After many years, a tumor grew and mimicked the form of my brain. Only when Jesus restored my life and I was in the hospital, the doctors were finally able to identify this problem.

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