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The Miracle Birth

I was in the hospital waiting to give birth. In those days, women were tied to the gurney while being transferred to the delivery room. This was what happened to me. The doctors left me unattended with plans of returning. My guess was there was some miscommunication between the doctors and I was left in the room for many hours. Feeling that my baby was near birth, I yelled for help. I was suffering, my mouth was dry and I felt death was near. Then a miracle took place: Jesus appeared at the last moment and stroked the top of my right hand, then disappeared. Instantly, I felt life was returned to my body. The baby had come out while shocked and panicked-looking doctors arrived immediately at the scene.  While my baby was healthy, my body wasn’t. For the next three months, my right leg I lost all sensation. I decided to pray about it, and it slowly recuperated. The next six years after this experience, I would constantly feel the  sensation of Jesus Christ’ touch on my right hand.

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